About Me

I’m a content writer and editor based in Gothenburg, Sweden, but the bulk of my professional career took place in New York. For over eleven years, I worked as a book editor at Penguin Random House, collaborating with New York Times bestsellers and acclaimed debut authors. After moving to Sweden, I worked as an acquisitions editor-at-large, learned Swedish, and studied digital marketing. Today, I’m part of the marketing team at WirelessCar.

Kind Words

I had the pleasure of working with Jess Renheim on nine novels over the course of about five years. In that fast-paced environment, I could always count on her to help elevate my books to the next level. Her editing is smart, sharp, on point. She always understood what I wanted to say and worked to that end relentlessly. Her advice was invaluable to the success of my series.”

Brad Taylor, New York Times bestselling author

I’ve had the good fortune of having three of my books edited by Jessica Renheim, a skilled and sensitive editor with a great sense of structure and the talent to turn an okay manuscript into a strong book. I recommend her highly.”

Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author

Jess Renheim edited my first two novels and spoiled me. She made both books better with a light but certain hand and a deep understanding of both the author’s work and the reader’s experience. By the second novel, my faith in her taste and judgment was such that my automatic assumption was that every note would be worth taking.”

Howard Michael Gould, author of the acclaimed Charlie Waldo series